our current work

We have worked with primary educators and lecturers from the University of Nottingham to design a 6-week course of planned lessons, resources and educational games which are specifically designed for primary school children, using the National Curriculum. The project aims to use the revenue created from selling our Healthy Future Resource Pack to schools to fund the provision of adequate supplements for young infants across Uganda, to provide them with a better quality of life. 

Healthy Future Resource Pack 



Our unique resource pack consists of: 


  • 6 weeks of fun, interactive and age-appropriate planned lessons  

  • An in-person launch day to train your staff members how to deliver the lessons  

  • 6 weeks of engaging lesson plans tailored to both KS1 and KS2  

  • 6 weeks of PowerPoint slides  

  • Educational games  

  • Planned homework  

  • Everything your children need to grow their own plants  

  • Videos, including learning songs 

  • Raise their awareness of different cultures 


How You Can Help 


By purchasing just 1 of our resource packs for your school, you can help supply 83 Ugandan children with 30 days of the nutrients they need for optimal physical and mental development. 






The “Health Future Resource Pack” Curriculum is well thought-out, age-appropriate and fun. It is just the sort of thing I would love my school to invest in, because children’s understanding of food and nutrition is such a key part of them going on to live a healthy and happy life. It’s made even better by knowing that your school can also support such a brilliant cause.” – Nick Harding, School Governor.  





An education curriculum that lets your children grow plants and discover a whole new world of nutrition and science!