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Our History

NutriGreens is an established non-profit organisation that has been running for over 5 years. As a part of Enactus Nottingham our work has always been driven by the UN sustainable development goals and we have strived to facilitate sustainable economic development globally and in our local community. Our main aim has been to help eradicate malnutrition in Uganda as Ugandan children are some of those worst affected in the world by a lack of nutritious food.


Previously NutriGreens focused on developing microgreens to send to Uganda, these were nutrient rich, fast growing greens that we aimed to introduce into the diets of Ugandans. However, when trying to implement our microgreens we realised they were culturally inappropriate and Ugandans did not adopt them into their diet as it wasn't a part of their culture to eat products similar to our microgreens. This has led us to the creation of powdered supplements - a more culturally appropriate method of tackling malnutrition in developing countries. The success of supplements such as Koko Plus indicates to us that powdered supplementation is the best method going forward.

In the past we aimed to fund our project through revenue generated from sales of an educational resource pack that we had created and marketed to local schools. With this resource we aimed to educate children in our local area on nutrition and responsible production and consumption to help reduce the inequality between the nutrition of the rich and the poor. This business venture contributed to the UN Sustainable development goal for reduced inequalities and that for quality education as in many schools in the UK proper nutritional education is often missed off the curriculum.


Despite the hard work put into the educational resource pack we have decided a different business venture is more appropriate to generate revenue for our project. We are now developing a supplement to market and sell in our local community to help tackle micronutrient deficiencies in Nottingham.

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