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The population of Uganda rely heavily on staple foods, such as cassava, which results in them missing out on important nutrients. During our research, we discovered a culturally appropriate solution to reduce the rates of malnutrition in Ugandan children - multi-micronutrient powdered supplements. These contain every micronutrient a child needs for optimal mental and physical development and can be added to any meal. We are going to begin with supplying these supplements to the children of Kampala, and work our way up to one day have the capacity to supply every child in Uganda with 1000 days worth of supplements and therefore, a chance at a healthy and happy life.  


As a part of Enactus, we wish to fulfil some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The ones we feel most valuable to our project are:  


  • Zero Hunger  

  • Good health and well-being     

  • Reduced inequalities   

  • Partnerships for the Goals   


Our aims for the project, with the UN Goals in mind 


To help alleviate micronutrient malnutrition through supplementation and a nutritional education, both in Nottingham and Uganda.   


To help Ugandan children secure a brighter future with increased possibilities


To create an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable enterprise.  

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