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How to Grow Microgreens

Step 1: Fill the tray with growing medium, soak the growing medium, and spread the seeds evenly on top.

Step 2: Spray the seeds with diluted hydrogen peroxide to avoid bacterial and fungal growth.

Step 3: Cover the seeds and keep in darkness for 2 days until nearly of the seeds have sprouted. You should stack up the trays to create weight on top of the seeds during this time to improve the crop. (NOTE: If you see mould at any time, then spray with hydrogen peroxide.)

Step 4: The microgreens will take 7-14 days to grow. Water regularly so the growing medium doesn’t dry out.

Step 5: When the stems are 1-2 inches, use scissors to cut the microgreens at the stem, eat fresh and wash thoroughly under clean drinking water before eating.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that all microgreens have been thoroughly rinsed in clean drinking water before eating. All microgreens are best eaten when fresh, if microgreens look limp or slimy then you should not eat them.

Simply put your clean and freshly cut microgreens on top of your favourite dishes to add flavour and nutrition. You only need a small handful on one meal a day.

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