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We've Changed...

Hello all,

As we mentioned previously, Nutrigreens have been working on something quite exciting over the last few months and we are finally ready to share!

We came to the conclusion that Nutrigreens needed updating. We had such faith in the original project but it needed some TLC and revitalisation! We aren’t straying too far away from our roots at all, our mission is still to help alleviate malnutrition amongst young people in Uganda, we have just decided to take a different route.

Instead, we have come up with an effective education pack which we will sell to locally based (Nottingham) primary schools. These will help teach children the importance of good nutrition in a fun and interactive way, such as growing microgreens. Microgreens, as some of you may know from our original venture, are fast growing seedlings that are dense in micronutrients, and so are valuable in teaching children the significance of nutrition, as well as starting a conversation about living more sustainably, through interactive tasks.

With the profits we gain from selling our packs to the schools, we will be able to supply children in Uganda a culturally appropriate food supplement filled with the nutrients they need. The first 1000 days of a child’s life are crucial, and for £100 we can fund 1000 days worth of the nutrient-packed supplement.

We’ve worked on a bit of a remodel and we’re really excited to finally be able to announce it. Keep an eye on here and our instagram @nutrigreenssocial to follow us on this endeavour!

Stay green!


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